Andrae's Harley-Davidson®
2010 N. LINCOLN AVE., URBANA, IL 61801
Reward Program Rules

Reward Program Rules

  1. All members must be 18 years of age to participate. Member agrees to be bound by the program rules and conditions.
  2. Rewards points are earned by making qualified purchases of products/services at Andrae's Harley-Davidson®, Urbana, IL.
  3. Qualified purchases include service parts, retail parts, accessories, and apparel. Motorcycle purchases, service labor, warranty parts, gift cards, rewards checks, collision repair work contracted with your insurance company or deductibles do not apply.
  4. Members must present a valid keytag at time of purchase in order to accumulate points.
  5. 5% of the total dollars you spend towards a qualified purchase will be awarded up to $500 discount the purchase of your next new or pre-owned motorcycle from Andrae's Harley-Davidson®, Urbana, IL.
  6. Each point earned is equal to one dollar in award discounts.
  7. In addition to the 5% accrual, each time you reach $250 in qualified purchases, we will mail you a 10% Andrae's Harley-Davidson® rewards Check. Rewards checks may be used like cash towards any purchase from Andrae's Harley-Davidson®, Urbana, IL.
  8. Andrae's Harley-Davidson® rewards checks must be used by expiration date indicated and NO CHANGE or account credit will be given.
  9. When your rewards account reaches the $250 level, your rewards checks will be automatically mailed to the last know address on file.
  10. Member is responsible for notifying Andrae's Harley-Davidson® with any address change. Andrae's Harley-Davidson® accepts no responsibility for lost, misplaced or rewards checks return by the US Postal Service as undeliverable.
  11. When redeeming points towards a new or pre-owned motorcycle from Andrae's Harley-Davidson®, members must show their keytags to verify and confirm actual point balance.
  12. Andrae's Harley-Davidson® rewards points have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash.
  13. Andrae's Harley-Davidson® rewards points are transferable to immediate family members and individuals residing at the same address.
  14. Program points may not be transferred from account to account.
  15. Membership keytags remain the property of Andrae's Harley-Davidson® and must be surrendered upon request.
  16. Andrae's Harley-Davidson® reserves the right to disqualify any person(s) from participation, if in their judgement any member violates the rules and regulations governing the program. Disqualification may result in termination of an individual's accumulated points.
  17. Andrae's Harley-Davidson® rewards points continue to accrue only if the member makes at least one qualified transaction within any 15-month period. Failure to make a qualified transaction within any 15-month period may cause membership to expire. In the event of membership expiration, earned points must be used within two years of membership expiration or points will be forfeited.
  18. Andrae's Harley-Davidson® rewards points may not be redeemed if you are in default under the terms and conditions of these rules or with regard to any obligation, which may be due to Andrae's Harley-Davidson®.
  19. Rewards points may not be bartered, brokered, or sold and may not be transferred upon death or domestic relations matter.
  20. Determination of income or tax liability related to the participation in the program is the sole responsibility of the participating member.
  21. The rewards program may be terminated at any time without prior notice at the wishes of Andrae's Harley-Davidson® and/or Dealer Rewards, Inc. In the event of program termination, all members will have two years from date of termination to redeem all accrued points.
  22. Andrae's Harley-Davidson® and Dealer Rewards, Inc. reserve the right to audit all accounts for compliance with these rules. In the event that an audit reveals discrepancies, the processing of program earnings may be delayed until such discrepancies are resolved. Andrae's Harley-Davidson® reserves the right to make any and all decisions as to the validity of accrued points. All decisions are final.
  23. Nothing in these rules or in the program shall be construed to establish an agency, partnership, or joint venture relationship between Andrae's Harley-Davidson®, Dealer Rewards, Inc. or any other party. Dealer Rewards, Inc. is not responsible and assumes no liability for changes in or discontinuance of a dealer service, which may affect the program benefits.
  24. Limit one Andrae's Harley-Davidson® rewards redemption per motorcycle purchased.