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5 Star Overall Rating



Purchased a Stage 1 for 2015 Street Glide. Had the service Dept. install the SE pro street tuner with a Dyno. Wow ! I have 102-105 torque at 3-3.5 rpm's LOVE it! Rett, if your tuner askes for a raise just walk away and write him a check . The guys in the back kept me posted on the progress. Come on spring!! Thanks!!!!

Steve Eckersley, Wellington, IL

5 Star Overall Rating



ive bought 3 brand new harleys from andraes and doubt id look elsewhere. everyone past and present have been excellent to deal with. i may have to make it 4 if all goes well. thanks Andraes.

joseph pollard, georgetown, IL

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I was in the area, on a road trip, from Augusta, GA; my bike broke down in front of your dealership. Your staff took my bike in right away and the service was completed very quickly (within an hour or so). The parts required to fix my bike were on hand at the time. I own a 2007 Road King FLHP. Your staff was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I wanted to take the time to thank your dealership and staff for taking the time to service my bike in a timely manner; and getting me back on the road. This was very important to me because I was traveling with several other bikers and did not want to hold up the entire group.

John Breckenridge Jr

5 Star Overall Rating



I Just want everyone to know that this is the best dealership that my wife and I have been to. We just got new 2016 trike from Andrae's and everything about this buy was amazing with the way we were both treated and talked to,was like friends.Not just someone off the street. We will not be going anywhere else to buy or have work done on our bike, Andrae's is our place now. Thanks to everyone you have the best customer service we ever had. Bill & Janice Brownfield

william brownfield, Urbana, IL

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Purchased my 2015 Road Glide Special a couple months ago. Staff was great, service and parts did more than I expected. Purchased the 5 year ESP and it has already started to pay off. Had about 4,500 miles on it and picked up a nail. Called the shop and they replaced the rear tire with no questions asked. The esp covers so much more than the factory warranty covers and saved me $$ for the new tire. This is now my shop, won't go anywhere else.

Joe Williams, IN

  • 5 Star Overall Rating



    I had purchased a 2009 Tri Glide from Andrae's & was very satisfied then. I needed some work done so I took it down to them to have work done. I started looking at a 2015 Tri Glide & from there on it was talking & dealing. My wife & I was very satisfied again on how we were treated. The personnel there try to make sure you are taken care of & make you feek comfortable. After I had purchased my 09, a year later I received a card asking how I enjpy the trike & 2 weeks after that I received a birthday card. I have dealt with other dealers on buying bikes, but none had sent inquires or bday cards. In a week, I will be taking the 15 down for break in check over & I know on how I will be treated. Thank you Andrae's.


5 Star Overall Rating



I Went to another area harley dealership to look for a new harley. I left there and went to Andrae's , boy what a difference. I was greeted by Lynn and the info about the street glide special I was interested in started flying. She knows more about that motorcycle than ill ever know. I went back a few days later and bought my 2015 Street Glide Special. What a great experience from the sales team, parts dept, finance dept and service. Defiantly a top notch dealership. Thanks for the great service. Todd Becker

Todd Becker, Tuscola, IL

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To Bill, Derek, Rhett and Rob in parts, these guys have always taken care of me when it comes to my bikes, When I had the work done to my soft tail Rob went threw with me everything that would need done to achieve the look and performance I wanted. Now I have a 2014 Street Glide and again they took care of me above and beyond what anyone could ask for. Bill made sure that I was up to date on where we were at and did everything I had asked. Rob in parts pulled threw and got my wheels in sooner than expected. I can't say enough about these guys and the way they treat me. It is more as a friend then just another customer or a guy just wanting to spend money when I walk in the door. Will always have my work done there. And purchase future bikes also. Thank You all

Mason Fischer

mason fischer, gibson city, IL

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Just wanted to take a second to thank Rob in parts & service for his excellent customer service! I've purchased a few things for my boyfriend's bike as gifts, and Rob has had to deal with my inexperienced questions and concerns & never made me feel like he wasn't genuinuely trying to help me.. Its awesome to feel like someone is actually there to talk to you, not down to you even when you don't know what you're talking about!. I love walking in the store & getting asked if I need help instead of trying to chase someone around for assistance. Definitely recommend this shop to anyone looking to buy parts, clothings or a new bike. Great place with great employees. We will always be returning customers :)

Kelsey Adams, Chrisman, IL

5 Star Overall Rating



My wife and are 1st time harley buyers and when we first walked into Andeae's we where made to feel like this was the 20th harley we bought. Everyone was super nice and the service is 2nd to none. Thank you Andrae's for making our harley dream come true...

Robert Cyphers, Oakwood, IL



A few weeks back I came in to Andrea's to look around and visit with friends.

No intentions of buying a new bike. That changed after I noticed a nice bright red

chromed out to the max CVO setting on the floor. I fell in love with it and just

had to set on it. I even mentioned to the wife that I'd like to have that bike. She mumbled something and walked off.

Anyway I purchased the 2011, CVO, 110 ci, Road Glide Ultra.

I had a wonderful experience through the whole process. All went well and

I drove it off the lot to my winter storage facility. After 3 short rides

I fell in love with possibly the best bike I have ever owned. I can't say enough

good things about it or the service I received at Andreas. Most of the folks

at Andrea's are my friends by now, which makes dealing with them a pleasure.

A few of them and other friends wanted to know if I had told my wife that I had

actually bought the bike. (they were concerned for my health I guess).

I finally did mention it to the wife about 2 weeks after the fact. All went well

or I wouldn't be typing this now. lol.

So, I'm waiting for some good riding weather and planning on a few trips with the

wife. I'm sure she'll love the bike too from a passenger point of view.

My advice is if you are looking to purchase a new or used Harley, you couldn't go wrong by visiting Andrea's and seeing what they can do about getting you on a new Harley.Rod Moseley

Rodney Moseley, Urbana, IL

5 Star Overall Rating



I really enjoyed being treated with the good customer service that you people do .

All I can really say is thank you for the best bike I have ever owned . You people really know you`re customer service well . I could not ask for better place to get a great bike .

Once again thank you and have a good day .

Matthew Black, Champaign, IL

5 Star Overall Rating



The sales staff were very friendly and helpful.I collect poker chips and the salesman went out of his way to make sure I had the same amount of each color of each chip. He really went out of his way to make my first visit a great one. I will be back again and recommend this dealership to my friends. Thank you very much!!!!

Vicki Segatto, Bonnie, IL

5 Star Overall Rating



The sales staff were very friendly and helpful.I collect poker chips and the salesman went out of his way to make sure I had the same amount of each color of each chip. He really went out of his way to make my first visit a great one. I will be back again and recommend this dealership to my friends. Thank you very much!!!!

Vicki Segatto, Bonnie, IL

4 Star Overall Rating



I purchased my 09 Tri-Glide on Oct. 7th 2013. I had an 06 Ultra that I traded in. I had bought my 06 new from a dealer in Iowa. After I bought my new bike, I never heard from the dealer, or the sales person again. I go to Andrea's & purchase a used bike & 1 year from purchase, I receive a card from Ben(salesperson) asking how I enjoyed my Tri-Glide & hope I was enjoying my time riding. On October 20th I received another card from Ben wishing me a happy birthday(on the 21st) & again wishing me well & to enjoy riding. If this is how they treat a person who purchases a used bike, I am sure they treat a person purchasing a new one the same way. If i get in the mood to purchase a newer ride, Andrea's will be the first place I will look. Thanks Ben on treating a person right.


5 Star Overall Rating



We thought we could not afford a Harley so a year ago bought a Vulcan Voyager. After many service issues and having the bike's engine and complete cooling system overhauled on Kawasaki warranty the bike still was hot to ride. Knowing a number of Andrae's customers we stopped in during a Thunder in the Lot and was looking at one of the 2013 Ultra's. Randy ( who my friends told me to talk to) came up and we talked, he told us he could sell us the bike but we would not be happy. He suggested we rent their 2014 Ultra Limited for a day and ride. We did and put on 190 mile that day and could not believe water cooled heads made that much difference. So 8/13/2014 we took delivery on a Gray/Silver 2014 Ultra Limited, Randy worked out the trade at a fair price.

Today we have 4400 miles on the Ultra Limited and we love the bike. We also like the family atmosphere when you walk in and all the Departments of Andrae's care about you.

Our bike pickup ended up being late but Randy explained the bike, Ben explained all the electronics, plus during a trip Ben gave me his cell phone number and walked me thru resetting the GPS, and Linn explained and introduced us to HOG and the people in parts and service.

We will have years of enjoyable riding ahead. We are glad to be Welcomed To the Family.

Fred Butt, Crescent City, IL

5 Star Overall Rating



After purchasing a used Tri-Glide, I had questions about their rewards program. I had not received my check after 2 1/2 months, so I contacted them through email. I sent my email after normal business hours, expecting a response in a couple of days. I was very surprised that I received a response within minutes. Linn advised she would check it out after she went in to work in the morning. I received response soon after they opened the next morning. It is hard to find customer service of this quality in this day and age. I am extremely pleased with my decision to patronize Andrae's.

Frederick Costigan, Danville, IL

5 Star Overall Rating



To anyone considering a new 2014 LIMITED I would STRONGLY encourage you do so. My last bike was a ROAD GLIDE CVO 2013, I was concerned that I would not be as happy with the Limited as the Road Glide but after picking it up on Friday evening (Ben & Trent both stayed way past close) so I could pick up the unit to take off saturday morning for and extended Labor Day 600 mile weekend. All i can say is i wish i had this bike the Limited on the trip to Sturgis this year. Many things come to mind:Suspension I know the front forks have changed but wow this bike is like "riding on a cloud" so my wife says.. in 3.5years we've had multiple bikes best ride yet..Performance and MPG: the bike is still all STOCK but in 600 miles of riding its performance is very satisfying the MPG at highway speeds of 75 mph the average was 42-44 mpg and at 60-65 mph on two lane we was seeing 48.9 mpg...Wind buffeting is almost non existent as in my Road Glide, all i can guess is the vent in the front helps a lot..Radio: where to start my CVO had an amp but honestly this stereo by far out shinned the Road Glide unit.Navigation: spot on the unit offers many options, I really enjoy the SUMMARY page while driving and using the navigation...Information page: not that i care to know how HOT it is but the outside temp was within 1 degree of the banks over the weekend we had temps that ranged from 100-68 degrees..IPod: and display of the music in to the radio was very useful and worked great.Single point of unlatching of side bags when hands are full is something we all dealt with in the past this solution took care of that.Seat as far as the passenger is noticeably larger and roomer than in the past..Really sounds as if I sell these bikes but I do not just giving our honest opinion on the Limited...No regrets and honestly think i learned more about this bike because we took off on a 3 day long weekend instead of just riding it home or doing short rides..Once again I would highly recommend this bike to anyone...


5 Star Overall Rating



Just wanted to shower accolades on the parts and service departments. When I need parts or accessories Gerry and Sterling are always friendly and helpful, answering questions, offering advice and generally making the transaction smooth.Recently my bike was in for 20K service and after I picked it up one adjustment was not to my preference so I took it back. Bill was very patient and understanding as I described the problem then was able to quickly get a service tech to correct the adjustment to my satisfaction.Im particular about my bike and always feel comfortable doing business with Andraes. Thank You!

Gary Jacobson, Urbana, IL

5 Star Overall Rating



My experience at Andrae's with the purchase of a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle was wonderful.

I highly recommend this business and the staff.As a businessman myself with employees and facilities I have been impressed over the years with how neat and clean they keep their grounds and facility.

The staff has always been friendly and helpful.This motorcycle was the best I've had with any bike I've purchased since I started riding 7 years ago.I have never had a dealer take any time with me regarding my new bike and many times things were missing or unsafe.

At Andrae's, they were very helpful and had my bike ready for me to safely ride away. They weren't pushy or try to up-sell me either. I felt like they understood my needs and answered all of my questions.This was the first time a salesman actually took me through the owners manual and explained things to me.They will treat you right. Check out this shop and buy a bike from them.

I'm certain you will be very happy.

Ken Cooley, Saint Joseph, IL

5 Star Overall Rating



Just wanted to thank the Service and Parts departments for their commitment to customer care. I purchased my new 2013 Road Glide Custom about three weeks ago from Andrae's and have received the best sales experience possible. Today I took a ride back over to the dealership as I wanted to demo one of the new windsplitter windshields. "Rocket Man" in parts promptly installed the demo and away I went. I was extremely pleased with the test ride and returned to the dealership and made my purchase. Again, "Rocket man" went above and beyond and installed my new windsplitter and boxed up my stock windshield and stored it away for me to pick up when I wasn't on the bike. Customer Care is personal at Andrae's and they make me feel at home whenever I'm there. Thanks Andrae,s!

Richard Reynolds, Danville, IL

5 Star Overall Rating



I recently purchased an 03 Road King, from Andrae's. All of the staff was very helpfull in getting my financing approved 2 days prior to me picking up the bike. The day I went to get the bike, the weather was cooler 42 degrees and windy! The ladies in clothing helped me get a pair of chaps and a new helmet for the ride home, the insulated chaps are the best I have ever worn. The finance person contacted my insurance for me to assisst me in switching my coverage from my old bike to the new one. Overall this was the best experience I have ever had in purchasing not only a motorcycle, but any vehicle. I will recommend Andrae's to anyone who needs, service, sales or clothing/equipment. I will now shop there first for all my Harley Davidson needs. Thank You all!

John Davis, Charleston, IL

5 Star Overall Rating



I have always been treated terrifically by the folks at this Harley Davidson Dealer! Great sales and service always!

Robert Curran, Mackinaw, IL

5 Star Overall Rating



I think I was setup! Lol!! I was just getting my 2012 Road Glide Custom it's 1000 mile service and what did I see? A 2012 Road Glide Ultra with the limited paint set that I had to have! Randy you made my day! Just got back from a ride to Ky. Just love the bike and it sure got the looks at the shops we stopped at. Thanks again to everyone at Andrae's H.D.

Gregg Catlin, Monticello, IL



I just wanted to say I cannot express how grateful I am for the outstanding service I received. I was in the area for the weekend when I noticed my 2003 Electra Glide Classic had developed a leak. Being 5 hours from home I wasn't sure what I was going to do. A phone call to Andrae's service department took care of any worries. I dropped the bike off and less than 4 hours later I received a phone call it was done.thanks again for going the extra mile.Jeff Vorhies

Fairfield, Iowa

Jeff Vorhies, Fairfield, IA



Bill Burris, John Mowery, Stan Williamson, & Mark Henderson,

these men are most informed, talented and helpful group of guys

any service department anyone could ask for.

Ive had 3 different bike serviced with them and not once have I

been disappointed with any of the results. Thanks very much guys.


Richard Ross, IL



The staff at Andrea's are extra helpful and friendly. Andrea's makes you feel like we are all part of the same family. I've bought parts and have had my bike serviced there and am happy and satisfied with both. Even though I have a Harley dealer closer to my home I choose to drive the extra miles to claim Andrea's as "my Harley shop". When it comes time to trade up I will be trading at Andrea's Harley Davidson.

kelley Norton, Watseka, IL

5 Star Overall Rating



What great team to deal with , all depts. Special thanks to Randy and Eric for getting Diane her new Street Glide and taking care of everything A++++++++

Dan Lance, sidney, IL

5 Star Overall Rating


Excellence in customer relations from sales to service...Thanks.

CY Burnett, Pesotum, IL

5 Star Overall Rating


When I checked 5 Star on the above items, i did not even have to think about it. I have always been treated and taken care of with the utmost courtesy, respect, and professionalism!!! Thanks Andrae's!!!!!

Kenny Dombrowski, Sheldon, IL


I have had a good relationship with Eric ,Gerry and the service dept guys since 2004 when I bought my 2004 lowrider .They have answered all my questions and know what they are talking about .Now I have bought a 2012 Road Glide custom ,and the guys are very helpful answering my endless questions .I tell all my friends in Pontiac were I buy my motorcycles and tell them to check Andrae's out they are the best around .Thanks guys just waiting for warm weather so I can ride .

wayne ashman, pontiac, IL

5 Star Overall Rating


Bill,John, and Shannon, Thank you so very much for getting my bike back together after it was laid down. I appreciate everything you did, from dealing with the insurance company to working with Scott Miller at Fifth Dimension, who did a wonderful paint job. Even the smallest details, you guys were on top of it. I feel you guys treated my bike as if it were your own. My bike is as nice if not nicer than before the accident. It is always nice to come into the shop and be greeted in a friendly manner. All three of you are an asset to Andrae's. As in years past, I will continue to bring my bikes, a 2004 FXSTI and 2009 FXSTC, to you for their regular maintenance.

Matt Faulkner

5 Star Overall Rating


Just purchased a 2011 Roadglide Custom from Randy, Just an overall pleasant experience during the whole process. Sterling in Parts, Bill in service, and the always busy Lynn are the reasons I shop there. Eric in finance got a better finance rate than my local credit union could, Great people to do business with. Thankyou all.

Kevin , Potomac, IL

5 Star Overall Rating


We wish to thank Eric on our purchase of a 2010 cvo it was painless Dealership is always top notch from sales to service Thanks all Dan & Diane

Dan , Sidney, IL


Once again, a new bike has come into our lives thanks to Randy and the rest of the sales team. As always, the whole process was smooth as silk. Thanks

Liz , Sidney, IL

5 Star Overall Rating


thanks all.........

Charles Hank , Rantoul, IL